Monday, October 2, 2017

Mass Shooting at Las Vegas Country Music Festival is Deadliest in American History

Waking up to the news in Las Vegas broke my heart.
You all know news is my day job, and working the story and already knowing how to cover stories like this hurt my heart because this is becoming so common.
I shouldn't know how to cover a story like this.
The shooting in Vegas struck a chord more than before because I was just there. Vegas has always been a place I felt safe.
Also, to take into account that this occurred at a music festival, as a concert and festival attendee this hurt even more.
Is nowhere safe?

The shooting killed about 58 people and injured 515.
 Kids were there, on their parents' shoulders.
These people just wanted to see their favorite artists perform at the Route 91 Harvest festival. They were all there for one thing. music.
This all occurred while country star Jason Aldean performed.
Since then celebrities expressed their sorrow and pain following this ordeal.

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Prayers for all those affected, but we all know now that prayers aren't enough. We say this too often now.

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