Friday, June 9, 2017

Jay Z and 4:44

We're all wondering what this 4:44 business is that Hov has been promoting lately online and on billboards on the West and East Coasts.
All it shows is 4:44 and Tidal in online code.
Conversations on Twitter went through all the possibilities.
Is this a visual album?
An actual album?
An album coming out on 4/44? As in April, 2044?
Well, we finally have our answers!
During the NBA Finals, we all got our answer.
Turns out it's possibly a movie starring Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyon'go and Danny Glover.
It's looks like some boxing movie.

Sprint's CEO posted this tweet to let people in on the secret.

The trailer shows Mahershala boxing in the gym with Danny Glover as his trainer.
At the end, the clip tells viewers to head to Which now shows 

So, basically TIDAL and Sprint have a partnership and it looks like so many cool exclusives are to come! Hov isn't a stranger to collaborating with other companies. Back in 2013 he partnered with Samsung to release his Magna Carta  album. The first million Samsung users to download a "Jay Z Magna Carta" app got a free digital copy of that album.
Earlier this year, Sprint announced they acquired a 33% stake in the music sharing site.

Here's to Bey and Jay continuing to make their dolla dolla bills. 

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