Monday, June 19, 2017

Beyonce and Jay Z's Twins are Here!

Instagram: @beyonce

Like many of us Beyhive members, we've been scouring through Beyonce, Miss Tina and Solange's social media accounts for SOME photos or some confirmation from the family of the long-awaited arrival of the Carter twins.
Are they fraternal?

Various media reports confirmed the birth via sources and visitors to the Los Angeles hospital with pink and blue balloons and presents....then grandpa Mathew Knowles finally confirmed.
I'm sure Bey loved that *insert eyeroll*
Instagram: @mrmathewknowles

TMZ reports that the twins were actually born on Monday, however the news was leaked on Saturday. TMZ says a " "minor issue' surfaced, and as a result..doctors do not feel comfortable releasing them." Sources say that Bey is okay, but no word on what the issue is and when she will be released.

Fans have been waiting on these widdles ones since Beyonce's Instagram announcement in February. Since then she's been killing the fashion game, rescheduled her Coachella appearance to 2018 and almost made us faint at the Grammys.

Here's hoping Bey and les twins have a speedy and safe recovery.
Can't wait to see the photos!!!

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