Friday, January 27, 2017

Missy Elliot Drops New Single & Music Video for "I'm Better" ft Lamb


Yeah he got bands in the Bando/Missy got dudes in Orlando/Plus I got cars that he paying for/Man I be too much to handle

The best thing about waking up this morning was seeing this video pop up on my Instagram timeline. Missy Elliot has just dropped a single AND a new video, which means FIRE (insert fire & alarm emoji here). Missy teased the video's release with this behind-the-scenes video on social media Thursday night announcing the music will drop at midnight on Friday.
The song is great, the costumes are on-point and the choreography is amazing. All of the makings of a typical Missy video. Amazing, yet there's always something unexpected. We all know she's a fan of the space cadet-themes and there's hints of that here. And she looks amazing!!!

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