Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rod Stewart is now a Knight

via Penny Lancaster's Instagram:

It was a great day for my family...and singer Rod Stewart's, of course. He's now Sir Roderick David Stewart.
The British rockstar was knighted on Tuesday by Prince William at Buckingham Palace. In a nod to his Scottish heritage, Rod "wore tartan trousers and a scarlet-trimmed military style tunic". The 71 year old singer was honored for his "services to music and charity" according to the Associated Press.
For those who know me, know that my family LOVES Rod Stewart. He's literally an honorary member of my family.
Accompanied by his own little family, wife Penny Lancaster and his two youngest children Alastair and Aiden, Rod says he and Prince William  "talked about music, and he said `It's great that you're still going' and I said: `I have to -- I've got eight children!' 
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Rod's oldest son Sean took to social media to congratulate his old man.
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Talking more about his conversation with the Prince, Rod says "he congratulated me on my long career, and I said how happy this made me," Stewart said. "I just wish my mum and dad had been here to see it."
"When the award was announced by Queen Elizabeth II earlier this year, Stewart said it was "a monumental honor." He added: 'I thank her majesty and promise to `wear it well.'"

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