Thursday, September 15, 2016

Britney Spears Wants to Collaborate with Ex-Justin Timberlake

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In an interview with Most Requested Live with Romeo, Britney was asked which artists she would like to collaborate with, from there she gave an answer that has made headlines ever since.

"Aerosmith seems really good and bright. He's a genius I think. He's very rock n' roll. He sings from the soul. Gwen Stefani, I think she's great." Then she goes on to say the one line we've all been hoping for, for 15 years "Justin Timberlake is very good."
Now I do have my thoughts on this. 
Did Britney forget that she has already light-weight collaborated with Aerosmith before giving us all life during the Super Bowl in 2001? Sure, it wasn't a song but they have worked together. Also, does Britney realize what she said about Timberlake? I'm convinced she's forgotten they've dated.
Meanwhile, when news broke to JT that his ex was interested in doing music together he was down. Actually, he seemed really flattered and excited. 
When E!' News' Marc Malkin "She did? Sure! Absolutely, absolutely.  I have a 17 month old so I don't get the headline news. I apologize for not being in the know…I'm accessible, give us a call!"
Sounds like Justin has been dying to get this news for years!
Of course, I would love to see this happen but I have my doubts. I could definitely see this Britney-Gwen thing happening and would love it if it could.

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