Thursday, June 4, 2015

Janet Jackson Promises Fans New Music

Ever since #conversationsinacafe hit the Twitterverse on May 16th aka Janet's birthday promising a new movement, album and world tour via a cryptic Vimeo video...the internet went crazy!

If that wasn't enough, a press release announcing this is happening for real! Janet- Miss Jackson if you're nasty- even has her own label now appropriately titled Rhythm Nation Records. Jackson's collaborative press release with BMG promises fans a new album by the fall...her first in 7 years!
I wonder if her super-rich hubby helped with this?

I really hope this album is 1084293845 times better than Discipline because that album did nothing for me.  I want another Damita Jo or All for You (aka the best comeback of all time!)

This will also be her latest work since her brother passed...c'mon Janet...don't disappoint!

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