Thursday, May 1, 2014

Drake Watch: Drizzy Debuts Lint Rollers at Raptors Games

If you're a friend of mine on Facebook you know that I love a good Drake story, meme, gif, Buzzfeed list, and everything else that makes me love to love/ make fun of the rapper.
Over the past few weeks er....years, we've seen the internet go HAM on whatever Drake was doing.
In recent weeks, Drizzy's antics have had me laughing off a pound.

First there was the internet's response to his face when Kentucky lost in the March Madness tourney.
Then he went undercover on the Jimmy Kimmel show and interviewed people about.....himself.
Pop Sugar showcased the best Drake memes out right now....
The latest thing was seeing him bust out a lint roller out while courtside at the Raptors game.

The best thing about all of this is that Drake is able to make fun of himself and roll with the punches by taking to his Instagram and coming out with this faux-album cover.

Now, he's using lint-gate to make some scrilla.
On Wednesday night's playoff game, Toronto Raptors fans were given a limited edition Drake inspired Raptors OVO lint rollers.
From: In Flex We Trust
from: In Flex We Trust
Since Drake has been keeping me very entertained online.....I've decided to come up with a new series named Drake Watch. 
Stay tuned!

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