Thursday, June 30, 2011

More "Marvin's Room"

Alright, Alright....everyone stop with the covering of Marvin's Room!

Teyana Taylor has finally made herself relevant and released the video to her version of Marvin's Room titled Her Room.

Online entertainment reports say “ 'Her Room' is a depiction of the battle between our hearts and minds when our worlds are seemingly shattered by the downside of love. This piece is intended to relate to everyone that’s been down a similar road. We hope this helps."

Teyana Taylor "Her Room"

Earlier this week, Chris Breezy released yet another remix of the Drake hit THE SAME DAY Drake drops the video. Brown's remix is from the perspective of the man who the taken lady is with.

Interesting how Taylor and Brown are friends and they both are trying to get on the Drake and Jojo bandwagon.
Okay, now can everyone STOP covering the song because it's going to make me hate it!

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