Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Very Gaga Halloween

Channeling my inner-Gaga this Halloween was so much fun. By far the most fun I've had compared to costumes of Halloween-past when I've been Snow White, Queen of Hearts and Pizazz from the Misfits. Many people wanted to get a picture with little ol' me, and I can't say that I wasn't flattered.

Right before I left the house.

I worked really hard on my costume. My jacket took about 10 hours to bedazzle and studd-up.
Of course, time went by fast because I was watching Game One of the World Series.

My good friend, Miss Sandoval did my makeup and helped me with my wig. My head was a little too big for the wig, so we improvised. My natural hair would peak through like roots.

"Hello, hello baby you called I can't hear a thing!"
Esmerelda, Gaga, Princess Jasmine(s) and a french painter

My favorite for the night!
I think I looked pretty close to the original Gaga.
Well, as close as I could've been.

My friends and I celebrated our Halloween Eve (because the actual holiday was on a Sunday this year, boo!) by gallivanting around the City making friends with Ninja Turtles and Katy Perrys. 

I can't believe November's in full-swing!
I always feel a bit melancholy when Halloween and my Birthday are over then I think....
Wait a minute!! The holidays are here!

What do YOU have planned for the upcoming holiday season?

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  1. 1) I'm still sad we didn't get a picture together

    2) I thought it was funny how you told me your cans kept falling out

    and 3) "That was soooo 3 years ago" (reffering to the girl who walked pass us dressed up as 'Just Dance' era Gaga... UGH!)