Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guess Who I ran Into Lastnight?

No it wasn't an old friend from elementary school nor an ex-boyfriend.

                           I met Drake!
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Now, I have no photographic proof of the encounter because his security guard wouldn't allow it and the Young Money star confessed that he had imbibed a little too much for the photo.

Nonetheless it was really exciting.

The story goes as follows:

Drake was in town performing with numerous artists for this year's Summer Jam. After the concert he was to appear at a local club.

I didn't go to the concert considering ticket were overpriced, so a friend and I rounded up our funds to catch Drake at the club appearance.

Well, $50 later we arrived only to find that we were indeed duped! The former-Degrassi star didn't show up until 12:45am and with burly security guards in tow, walked through the dance floor into V.I.P., without as much as a wave to the fans who paid anywhere from $40-$60 to catch a glimpse of him.

"Ah well" I thought, "He's going to come back out and do a few shout outs, maybe rap a verse or two."


Roughly a half-hour later, I see a guy cut through the dancefloor again as it parted like Moses did the Red Sea and who was it? DRAKE! Again!

Seems like he was a little faster than his security team and he was heading out the DOOR! Already! I was miffed that I spent my money to only see him WALK by, so I grabbed his arm so at least say I touched him.

He's really not that tall, and a little soft. Not really buff.

The best picture of Drizzy I could get that night.
I didn't know I'd be meeting him 2 hours later!

So, my friend and I leave to a nearby diner to drown our sorrows in some latenight snacks. As we approach the restaurant we see two black Escalades pulled up front, one surrounded by "I don't play" guards in letterman jackets.

Wouldn't that be funny if that was Drake- I said to my friend.

Well, what do you know! IT WAS!!!!

After being shooed off by the wanna-be security guard Drake called out to us and asked if we liked the show.

We didn't go to the show, we were down the street at the club you made only a brief appearance at!- says I

Like the gentleman that he is, he apologized....then I proceeded to be a typical crazy fan.

Drake! I've been a fan of your's since Degrassi! I remember when your character, Jimmy, dated Ashley and Hazel! My mom's from Canada!!!!!

He looked at me sideways until I told him my mom's from his land of Maple Syrup and we started chatting it up a bit. I asked him where he was headed to next, and how he liked San Francisco.

It's hyphy- he says.

I then asked him if I could get a picture, but he said he was too tipsy.

You don't have to get out of the car! -I smartly reply

But his security guard looked like he was going to cut me if I persisted.

I then mention Degrassi again.....telling him how I was saddened his character ended up in a wheelchair.

After I fully embarassed myself, I told him to tell Lil' Wayne we miss him and to have a good night.

Even though the artist could have snubbed me and not paid any attention to my talk of his former child-star days, he was really sweet about it!

While dining my friend and I saw a woman being escorted by the same security who gave me the side-eye, to the women's restroom. It seemed like she had to many....and guess who it was?

Taraji P. Henson!!!!!

Henson was looking like she definitely had a hard night.

It's okay sweetie....we've all been there!

A few minutes later she comes out of the bathroom and hobbles into the Escalade with Drizzy and they take off.


Could this be a possible love affair in the works?

Who knows?
So,'ve redeemed yourself in my book.

I just wish you would have reimbursed me the $50!

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