Friday, June 25, 2010

R.I.P Michael

Sorry fellow bloggers for my absence as of late, but what better day to come back than on the one year anniversary of the King of Pop's death.

Growing up I was a huge Michael Jackson fan. Of course, during this time I was constantly made fun of because it was during the time of the child molestation charges.

That's a coincidence! It just so happened that was the time the Dangerous album had debuted.

Anyway, I would lie in bed at night listening to my walkman (yes, walkman) and memorize all the lyrics and then, later, the dance moves to the music videos.

Sure, my love for MJJ faded every now and then when he hadn't made an album in a while, when he dangled Blanket over the hotel balconey and when he was charged for molesting another child....and I'm sure most of us did.

His personal life was one thing, but his music was definitely another.

It's sad how his death took all of us to realize that.

When Thriller or Beat It play at the club, I can't help but break out in to the dance moves to emulate the zombies and street thugs from the video.

Considering it was just a year ago when I got word of his death, I didn't believe it and I still remember how I felf the moment that news was broken to me.

Here we are a year later amid news of child custody battles, wrongful death lawsuits, Jackson 5 reality shows & criminal charges against Dr. Conrad Murphy.

.....But today, let's take a moment to remember the Michael Jackson we loved to watch!

So, since today's friday....I want you all to put that 9 to 5 up on the shelf...and just enjoy yourself!

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