Friday, February 26, 2010

Gatorade DROPS Tiger!

Just because you apologized doesn't make it right, Mr. Woods!

                         Guess he'll be sticking to Powerade.

The Associated Press reports, "A representative for the drink, sold by PepsiCo Inc., confirmed

late Friday that it had ended its relationship with the golfer, who made a lengthy public apology last week for his infidelities. 'We no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship,' a Gatorade spokeswoman said. 'We wish him all the best.'The spokeswoman said Gatorade would continue its relationship with the Tiger Woods Foundation."

Surprise, Surprise. It was only a matter of time before the sport-drink heavy would pull the gold-superstar.

It's kind of sad actually, this guy had EVERYTHING and he lost it on a couple (or dare a say many) hussies.

I'm sure somewhere in Florida, Elin's chuckling a little bit.

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